House Cleaning Daily Deal Offer Terms

Save 50% off our non-recurring rate of $32 per man-hour ($27 for recurring)

Denver’s 5280 House Cleaning Daily Deal offers cannot be combined with other offers (see below).  Each Daily Deal will most definitely expire and may do so at anytime, because each is limited in number each day.  So when 5280 House Cleaning fills the last specific scheduling spot on a given day in a given neighborhood, then the Company terminates the respective daily deal offer relating to that day and neighborhood.  We only sell Daily Deals for specific scheduling spots.

Of course, when we fill the spots for a deal and halt it, we take the offer off the website, but it’s still possible that you might see the offer, but not book before it’s taken by someone else.   The available spots are allocated on a first booked basis and are seldom offered at a quantity exceeding just two or three per neighborhood.

If you’ve just missed out on a daily deal, call us; we’ll try to make it up to you with an alternate deal or at least put you on the waiting list for the next daily deal in your neighborhood.

Only For Initial Service (New Customers)

5280 House Cleaning’s Daily Deals apply only to initial cleaning service.  The offer gives new customers who have never tried us a low-risk way to do so.

If you’ve tried us before, and haven’t chosen us, then you can invite us back based on the quotes previously provided, or ask us for a quote.

If you’ve already chosen us before and are an existing customer, don’t fret, you may be eligible for other offers, like our Tell a Friend Special OfferGift Certificate Discount Offer, and our Valued Customer Offer.

Denver 5280 House Cleaning Daily Deal Pricing Example

5280 House Cleaning cleans in teams.  For houses in North Cherry Creek and Congress Park, for example, a team of 3 may spend 2 hours or more on the first visit.  Two hours for three persons is 6 man-hours, times $32 would be $192, but with a daily deal, such an assignment would cost only $96.  If the customer booked regular service thereafter, she would get a fixed price based on an estimated clean time at the standard cleaning rate of $27 (which is $5 less than the non-recurring rate).

Fees for Daily Deals booked by phone are charged at half the standard undiscounted rate, based on actual cleaning hours.  If you wish to limit time and scope, you may do so when you book the cleaning.

Half Price Deal = Incredible Savings

As you can imagine, we promise you that we are not making a profit on any half price deals.  What we are doing is winning the opportunity to impress another Denver home owner with our exceptional house cleaning services!

Our Daily Deals represent our way of investing in business relationships with prospective new customers.

When will my house be cleaned?

Daily House Cleaning Deals generally relate to service within the next few business days.  If we don’t have an opening in our schedule in the next few business days, then we wouldn’t normally run a daily deal for that specific neighborhood.  So if you need immediate service, call now to discuss your house cleaning service requirements and agree on a time for us to come clean your house.  Or use the form on this page.

If you want to book a gift certificate for someone, using a daily deal, please phone us to discuss.

Recurring Daily Deals

We use daily deals to fill gaps in our cleaning schedule, and to find new house cleaning customers in specific Denver neighborhoods.  Since we’re generally cleaning homes located centrally, like North Cherry Creek, every week day, daily deals for central locations tend to recur more frequently.

Infrequency of Some Daily Deals

In fact Daily Deals for non-central locations are often filled in advance from our waiting list, so these may seem not to occur at all even though they are in fact occurring.  For example, if you’re looking for a Pinery Dail Deal, then it’s best to get on the Daily Deal Waiting List for the Pinery and get added to our schedule for a future Tuesday (a service day for the Pinery), since the waiting list may exceed the spots available for next week.

No Combined Deals

Daily Deal offers for house cleaning are not valid with any other offers.  Even though you can’t combine this offer with others, if you have another type of offer (especially like “Tell a Friend“), you can ask, and at our discretion, we may make at least some concession for the double offers.

Daily Deal Updates

Daily Deal offers are updated . . . well daily, of course.

First Come, First Serve

Daily Deal openings are allocated on a first booked basis.   So once we fill a particular daily deal house cleaning slot, we may go online and drop any specific Denver daily deal offer immediately.  The only way to be sure an offer has not expired very recently is to phone us at 303 615 5280.

How to Reserve a Daily Deal Spot

Call or fill out the form on this page.

If you book an in-home estimate, then we may be able to set aside a Daily Deal house cleaning spot for you when you book the in-home estimate appointment, upon request.

Of course, if you book a home cleaning by phone, then we will confirm your eligibility for the daily deal at the time of booking.

Daily Deal Waiting Lists by Zip Code

Often, when you show an interest in a Daily Deal, we call you immediately to discuss your needs and scheduling requirements in order to find an immediate solution.

When we have a Daily Deal waiting list for a specific neighborhood, we contact customers several days in advance of a daily deal to offer spots.  If you fail to respond within 4 hours or so, we offer your spot by zip code to the next person on the list.  If you don’t respond at all to our emails and phone messages within 48 hours, we drop you from the waiting list altogether, on the premise that you’re no longer interested.  Of course, if you haven’t previously hired us, you can always get back on the waiting list by replying or contacting us.

Thank you for your interest in our Denver House Cleaning Daily Deals.

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