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Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

We have implemented a variety of new cleaning and administrative policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our cleaners, and the effectiveness of our cleaning.  If you’re interested in all the details, they are included further down this page  We have produced six new training videos addressing these new policies and procedures, and all of our cleaning professionals have watched those and read associated course material.  They have also passed one-on-one oral exams, in order to prepare and engage them in the implementation of such Policies & Procedures.

Let’s Keep the Cleaning Professionals Safe & Healthy

We will continue to consider the safety and health of our cleaning professionals our top business priority.  Obviously, keeping our cleaning professionals safe and healthy contributes directly to the safety and health of our clients.  So please support us in this endeavor by doing your part to comply with the following Client Guidelines.

Feeling Poorly?  Please Cancel Your Cleaning!

Please inform us if anyone in your home is sick, in order to cancel your cleaning.  If you suspect that someone in your home has been ill with Covid-19, please cancel cleanings for the period extending to the abatement of symptoms for everyone in the household, plus an additional 14 days.

Consider Leaving Your House While We Are Cleaning!

Many of our clients have known their cleaners for years, and I’m sure it’s going to be great for clients to see the cleaners again.  Even so, we ask that you refrain from greeting our cleaners, meeting them at all, communicating directly with them, speaking with them, or even being in the same room with them.  For the safety of all our cleaning professionals and clients, we ask that you please observe exaggerated social distancing while we are cleaning for you.

If you cannot leave your house while we are cleaning, then please do your best to rotate around, and stay out of the rooms we are cleaning.  If you wish to coordinate this for your convenience, we can clean a certain area first, for your convenience, or skip an area, then please phone the office and we will direct the cleaners for you.

Employees are Paid for Staying Home!

Our sick-leave and family leave policies have been significantly enhanced to compensate employees for staying home when anyone in their household may be feeling poorly.  If one member of a cleaning team stays home for any reason, that person’s cleaning partner is also sent home (with pay), in order to avoid mixing team members.  In this way, we are taking every step possible to minimize contact among our employees.

Dispatch & Return

Face coverings are mandatory for all employees.  We have streamlined our dispatch process, and added temperature checks upon arrival.  These are being logged daily.  Equipment, cars, indoor footwear (Crocs), and phones are re-cleaned & disinfected daily prior to departure.  

Prior to Entering Each Home

Outside your home, we will disinfect all commonly touched surfaces approaching and including the entryway, such as:  gates, latches, railings, doorknobs, mailbox and doorbell.  Cleaners apply face coverings and hand sanitizer prior to announcing their arrival, or ringing the doorbell.

Upon Arrival at Each Home

Wearing face coverings for the duration, cleaning professionals wash their hands upon arrival, and departure.

Extra Hand Washing

After each task, while in clients’ homes, Cleaning Professionals wash their hands again, and again, throughout the cleaning assignment.

Prior to Exiting Each Home

Once all cleaning has been completed, cleaning professionals wash their hands again, and then immediately prior to our departure they disinfect all commonly touched surfaces located on the first floor.  

Prior to Driving Away from Each Home

Once the assignment is complete and we have exited the home, the cleaning professionals disinfect their indoor footwear (Crocs) and all cleaning equipment, as it is loaded into the company vehicle, in preparation for the next cleaning assignment.

Suggestions or Questions about our Covid-19 Policies and Procedures?  Please phone us: 303 615 5280  Thank you!


Hospital Grade Disinfectant Safe for Home Use

The product we use for disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in a residential setting is a hospital grade disinfectant called 64 Millennium Q, a product we also use regularly to disinfect bathroom fixtures.  Here are details about the product, as published by the manufacturer, Multi-Clean:

“64 Millennium Q is a concentrated, hospital grade disinfectant that cleans surfaces and kills germs. Use in bathrooms to clean chrome fixtures, counter tops, partitions, toilets, urinals and floors. Safe on all restroom surfaces. To help prevent the spread of colds, flu and other illnesses, use Millennium Q as a general disinfectant on frequently touched surfaces like door handles, tabletops, counters, switch plates, elevator buttons, etc. Kills certain antibiotic resistant pathogens (Superbugs) like MRSA and VRE. Kills Norovirus, Influenza and other contagious viruses.”


Sterilizing Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

As usual, no cleaning cloth will be used in more than one room or more than one surface type within a room.  While that is standard operating procedure, we have taken additional steps to ensure that the cleaning cloths used in your home are sterile.  We’ve doubled the number of cleaning cloths issued to each team every day.  Our laundry facilities have commercial hot water heaters.  We are now double washing all cleaning cloths:  1st HD hot wash in bleach + 1/2 detergent with extra rinse; 2nd HD hot wash, with full detergent, plus extra rinse; finally, hot commercial dry; once dry, 30 mins extra cycle in hot dryer.  According to scientists, no little corona virus rascal can survive such a gauntlet.  Bottom line:  the cleaning cloths we bring to your home have been super-cleaned and sterilized.

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