Getting an In-Home House Cleaning Quote is Good For You

To book an in-home quote, just phone us, or complete our form on the right of this page.

Totally no pressure – we just explain the brass tacks of cleaning your home.  It normally takes about 30 mins, but if you’re in a hurry, it can be done in 15 mins.

You’ll get multiple fixed price quotes, including weekly, 2-week, initial clean.

You can also ask for add-on prices, like what it would cost to occasionally add on some additional work.  Some homeowners exclude the basement from their regular cleaning, but would like it cleaned once in awhile upon request.  If we visit your home, we can give you a fixed add on price for doing your basement when you request it.

You’ll get a cute booklet about our services and you can ask a ton of detailed questions, if you wish.

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