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If you’ve been with us for 2 months or longer, then your name may be in the hat on your service week for free service.  Twice monthly, we pick one customer to win free house cleaning service for that week, upon the condition that the customer participate in a Customer Lobby review.  If you agree, then a Customer Lobby representative phones you and asks you specific questions about our performance.  The Customer Lobby representative is an independent third party.  He or she will do all the work, you just have to answer the questions.  Of course, we’re not asking you to give us five star review ratings, just to answer candidly and tell the Customer Lobby representative how you really feel about our service.

Sort of a hassle, yes?  Cleaning your home free for the week is our way of saying thanks for taking the time and trouble to take the call from Customer Lobby.

The selection for this Special Offer is as random as it can be, with the winners for the previous 10 weeks excluded.

Why do we do this?  One reason is because we our business depends on our recurring clients!  The second is that we believe most of our recurring clients love us, otherwise, why would they stick around?

Even so, if you’re this week’s winner, you might find it inconvenient to take the call.  No problem, we’ll ask someone else.  If you win and don’t wish to be interviewed by an independent Customer Lobby representative, then do a Betty Ford:  Just say, “No.”

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