Leanna’s Presentation

Leanna is a Spokesperson

Leanna is a professional spokesperson and actress, not an actual customer.   Our actual customers didn’t want to pose for our camera. She is, however, representative of customers past and present living in North Cherry Creek, the Denver Country Club, Hilltop, Capitol Hill, Bonnie Brae, and Cherry Hills.

1st Half House Cleaning Video – Testimonials

The first half of Leanna’s presentation is based on a collection of actual real testimonials received from existing and past customers who live in North Cherry Creek and adjacent neighborhoods (please ask us for actual references).

Many of our testimonials are submitted in the form of public reviews and are compiled by Customer Lobby, a third party:  Denver House Cleaning Reviews

2nd Half House Cleaning Video – Management Representations

The second half of Leanna’s presentation is based on the owners’ promises and representations as more fully described throughout this website.

Topics Mentioned by Leanna:  Read More . . .

We hope you find that this presentation about our house cleaning services complements the other wealth of information included on the site.  You can read more about those here:

What’s Included in House Cleaning

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Green House Cleaning

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House Cleaning Management

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Why Choose 5280 House Cleaning

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