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This is our second house cleaning company.  We are pleased to say that the first company we started in 1999 remains one of the leading house cleaning companies in Denver.  Of course, we are new and improved.  We hire from a deeper applicant pool, by virtue of having 3 strategically located dispatch centers and a central office.

We are more selective in our hiring because we can be so.  We continue to improve our hands on, and exam-based training systems which we have developed over 20 years.  We have upgraded our vacuums, improved the selection of greener cleaning supplies and continuously improved our scheduling systems.  More than any other factor, the owners of 5280 House Cleaning are involved in the day to day management of the company, and this results in better service for our home cleaning clients.

In terms of personnel, we know the qualities we’re looking for and how to source the best house cleaners in Denver.  Each month we receive nearly 100 applications over our combined locations.

We combine all these advantages so they result in a consistently cleaner house and an overall better house cleaning experience for you and your family.

There is no “Absent” in “Clean”

In this business, the devil is definitely in the details.  We promise you to personally manage those details, even if it means missing quite a lot of golf games.

Over fifteen years we have learned that better systems, better compliance, and better training result in consistency and quality of service, which result in lower client turnover, which is the critical ingredient for high growth rates.  In our industry, no growth or slow growth is caused by client churn which is most often a reflection of poor service.  Today, none of the existing industry leaders are growing at anything near the rate at which 5280 House Cleaning is growing.

Philosophers seem to have mixed views on the matter:

No man steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.  Heraclitus; On Nature; 


Go around again.   P.D. Eastman; Go, Dog. Go!

See our management bios to learn more about the owners / managers.

Please check in from time to time for an update.  We’re lax about blogging and tweeting, but we will keep you posted here about our progress.


Happy 4 July 2020

Whew, it’s been awhile since I’ve dropped by here.  We’ve been really busy lately: developing new content (videos & photos) and redesigning our website; developing new training and policies in order to enhance the effectiveness of our remote sales and customer service reps; and enhance operating procedures and cleaning policies to react to the latest developments.  No moss growing here.

Over the past year or two, we’ve retired our entire fleet of 40+ vans (kept four 4×4’s for mountain driving); we’ve replaced that fleet with 50+ Prius cars.

See bottom of page:  Stay at Home!

Opened a new North Office.  Norma R & Jessica!

Opened a new East Office.  Isabel & Brenda & Victoria!

Hanna liberated!


Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Aside from 5280 House Cleaning, we also manage the House Cleaning Alliance, a loose collection of members committed to promoting the success of private local (not Franchise) house cleaning companies located throughout the United States.  We started the alliance years ago to fill the training and operational gaps which can stumbling blocks for new house cleaning companies.  From time to time companies from all over the US phone us and inquire about our training and procedural standards.  This also gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our own standards as we apply them on a daily basis, as a means of improving our quality of service.


Happy July 2013

Summer passes, as we wait for the Rockies to revive, and the Broncos to impress.  5280 House Cleaning continues to grow at a healthy rate.  We have averaged about one new team per month.  Now we are running 16 to 18 teams per day.

Our Quality Manager, Rafaela, is checking houses, and this is to ensure consistency across Team Leaders.  It’s a tough job, being a Team Leader.  In our company, Team Leaders are cleaning hard, checking, training, making important decisions based on their experience and good judgments, all with a smile for clients.   Of course, these employees represent the cornerstone of our business.

Our newest Cleaning Associates are working hard to pass their cleaning exams.  Most will pass . . . those that don’t will be working for a less demanding competitor by August.  In our industry, evaluating, training, sorting, and retaining professional cleaners forms the basis for quality of service.

Growth is important, but more than anything else, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our service.  If you have any suggestions about that, please drop me a line at chris@5280housecleaning.com.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Back to School 2012

The nights are cool and the leaves are turning.  What a very nice time of year.  It’s a month short of a year since our relaunch.  Soon the holidays will be upon us and I’ll forget to post here.  So now may be a good time to reflect, and continue planning  for 2013.

5280 House Cleaning is running 11 or 12 teams per day with exactly 30 professional house cleaners.  We just made improvements to our dispatch board and time systems.  Now cleaning professionals can track their own payroll times online.  MG is proving herself to be a star in the office.  Our fifteen vans are probably two short of what we need for the holiday busy season.  Thank goodness we have plenty of open parking spaces at our dispatch office.

We continue to improve our hiring processes.  The best way to get hired at 5280 House Cleaning is to be guaranteed by an existing Team Leader.  Over the next month or two we shall work harder on training, refining exams, and ensuring that everyone passes all exams, as part of our process of continuous improvement.

As we continue to scale, we gain momentum and administrative resources to improve in every respect.  Hanna and I remain committed to improving every aspect of our services.  If you have suggestions, call either of us at 303 615 5280.  Thank you for your interest in our business.  Go Broncos!


Happy 4th of July 2012

We set a lot of company best records last week, and promoted 4 more Cleaning Associates to Assistant Team Leader.  Our growth allows us to offer Denver’s best cleaners better opportunities for professional development.  We pay better, we treat them nicer.  Why wouldn’t they all want to come to work for us?

We’ve gotten a lot of nice feedback lately – please see our online reviews.  We even got another registered letter from a house cleaning company!  Our reply?  Why not just pick up the phone and call instead?  Let us know if there is anything more we can do to help.  Happy 4th of July from all your friends at 5280 House Cleaning!


June 2012

It’s been over 6 months now.  We just bought two more vans, so now we have 12.  We have 25+ full time house cleaners, and over 150 recurring clients.  Ten teams everyday now.   Yelp chose us as “Best of Yelp” under its Denver House Cleaning category.  Better training, tighter policies, better consistency in pricing, hands on day to day decision-making, all these have allowed us to grow at amazing rates.  Now we must roll up our sleeves, improve in terms of every detail, catch our breath, go around again.

Happy Father’s Day

. . .

December 2011

Setting new revenue records weekly!  Four teams on Friday . . .

Two more vans + 4 =  6.

Happy Holidays.

. . .

November, 2011: and so it begins . . . again.

Welcome Back Maria, Quality Manager (12 years)!  We’re so happy to see you again.

Hello Juan (9 years), thanks for the helping hand.

Nice to see you again, Gladiz (8 years).

Hello again, Yesica (7 years).  We’re so happy to have you back.

Rafaela (8 years), back where you belong.

As for our other former team leaders who have also applied over the past weeks, we haven’t forgotten about you; we look forward to hiring you back soon.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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