Best House Cleaning In Denver

In 1999 we had this idea that we could start a company which could offer the best cleaning services in Denver.  So we started our first house cleaning company.  Our idea was that the most qualified purveyor of cleaning services might actually be the most avid consumer of such services.  Turns out that the consumer part might not have been as important as the systems part.  Luckily, we both have backgrounds working for large companies with systems built into their DNA’s.  So that went pretty good–the company became huge, then we sold it.  After starting other ventures around the world, we returned again in 2011, and did a do-over:  5280 House Cleaning.  The second time, we tried to apply everything we learned from the first time, and refined systems further.  By systems, we allude to training, cleaning, payment processing, pay, evaluations, quality control, and dispatch.  It’s still growing.  Today, we have over 100 cleaning professionals working from four offices in Denver, 50+ company vehicles, and hundreds of happy clients.

The key, we’ve found is client retention.  That’s only made possible by systems and compliance. We still have a lot of improving to do.  If you have some suggestions for improvement, we would really like to hear them:  scs@5280housecleaning.com.  Thank you for visiting our website.

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