Insurance For House Cleaners

Fully Insured House Cleaning Company

We safeguard our clients and their belongings by carrying liability and bonding insurance on all employees.  Following are the insurance providers and policy details for each type of insurance.

Liability Insurance

If someone burns down a house, we’re covered.  We presently carry $1 million liability insurance.

Employee Fidelity Bonding

If someone steals something, we’re covered.  Our employees are bonded against theft for up to $250,000

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If a professional cleaner is injured on your property, we’re covered.  We carry worker’s compensation insurance on all employees.  All our professional house cleaners are full-time employees, not contractors and are insured for worker’s compensation in accordance with the laws of Colorado.

Auto Liability Insurance

If we cause an auto related accident, we’re covered.  We carry auto insurance with Progressive in compliance with Colorado laws.

Third Party Cyber Liability

If someone hacks our client’s data (maintained on Google servers), then these Union Insurance guys pay out up to $50K.

Auto Insurance

5280 House Cleaning has over 50 Blue Prius company cars; our coverage exceeds state requirements in all respects.

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