How Does Training Work?

House Cleaning Training Systems & Our Trainers

For 5280 House Cleaning, our training systems contribute to our cleaning quality and consistency.   They also provide us with an important opportunity to presort our brand new cleaners.  For a company of our size, training is implemented routinely and systematically.  The training system is managed by Isabel, who has over the past several years assisted Chris (the owner) in developing and refining it (we continue to improve it regularly).  The actual training is performed by Isabel or one of the other scheduling managers, plus a training / quality manager.  Our managers who lead training have spent years with us as Team Leaders, during which time they have distinguished themselves by finishing top 5 in the Team Leader evaluations at least three times (which qualifies them to apply to become a Manager).  Earning this distinction generally involves having received a multitude of client compliments and Five Star Reviews.  Many of our managers split their time by cleaning for our best clients several days per week, and performing training with new hires or prospective Team Leaders for one or two days per week.  Four of our managers are dedicated exclusively to training and quality (and as needed function as Substitute Team Leaders).  These four managers generally have no recurring clients.

Training for New House Cleaners

For new hires, there are two aspects to our training:  a) classroom modules; and b) hands-on field training.  New hires spend the first two days with us in the classroom.  During this time, they learn about company policies, cleaning products, cleaning methods, and most importantly, our methods for protecting clients’ homes and contents.  As part of this process, they will complete 12 hours of classroom work, including question and answer sessions, and then take 6 written exams.  If a new cleaner fails to pass any exam, she is given one 2nd chance to repeat the module and retake the exam.  New cleaners who complete the classroom training are assigned to two weeks of field training with training managers.  The training managers are generally not assigned to regular clients, so during a new cleaner’s first two weeks, a new cleaner will be assigned mostly to move-out cleanings, and other non-recurring assignments.  Less than 25% of new hires successfully complete training.  Those who do proceed as Cleaning Associates.

Training for Team Leaders

After a couple of years as a Cleaning Associates, some cleaners may undertake training in order to be promoted to Team Leader.  Our Team Leaders earn significantly higher wages, and take on considerable responsibilities.  Those accepted for consideration are promoted to Assistant Team Leader, which involves running assignments with and without a manager for at least several months (sometimes much longer).  During this period of time, Assistant Team Leaders are evaluated by a minimum of 3 separate managers, and receive 10 to 20 individual cleaning quality reports.  For the promotion to Team Leader, individuals don’t compete with each other, but rather must distinguish themselves and avoid any pitfalls or mistakes in order to earn the promotion.  During the process, Assistant Team Leaders receive weekly feedback, and some may require extra time with a Training Manager.  About half who undertake the challenge succeed and are actually promoted to Team Leader.  Some of those who don’t succeed resume their work as Cleaning Associates.

Our Team Leaders represent the cornerstone of our business.  By industry standards, their compensation and benefits are exceptional.  Our retention for Team Leaders is quite high; we generally expect them to remain with us for the duration of their careers.  Their performance is evaluated quarterly.  If you love your Team Leader, you can influence her pay by reporting compliments directly to the office, or completing an online review.  If you’ve read this far, you are a truly amazing prospective client; please phone us at 303 615 5280.

Thank you for your interest in our company and training systems.

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