Lock-Out & Cancellation Fees

Please Don’t Lock Us Out

Lockouts are charged mileage plus the greater of: a) half the missed service price; or b) $100.

Please Cancel in Advance

If you cancel less than 8 hours in advance, then a cancellation fee applies (same as lockout fee, except no mileage charge).

Give Us a Key to Avoid Recurrences

If you give us a key to avoid future lockout occurrences, we may waive the lockout fee, at our discretion.

Lockouts Are So Uncool

Ever spent an hour waiting in a restaurant, only to realize that your date has stood you up?  That’s what lockouts feel like to a home cleaning company.

We’re cool about cancellations, but please don’t strand 2 vacuums, 4 buckets, 50 cleaning cloths, a broom and 3 cleaning professionals outside your door for 30 minutes, while we are trying to phone you.

People make mistakes, and we do our best to understand, but lockouts are: a) incredibly disruptive to our operations; b) demoralizing for cleaning professionals; and c) economically costly to our company.

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