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Service Area

House Cleaning Throughout the Greater Denver Metro Area

Did you know we have four locations, including 3 dispatch centers?  To learn more, check out the “office” pages on the right.  Of course this allows us to serve our clients more efficiently, but most importantly, it allows us to tap into a diverse pool of house cleaning talent.

To learn more about out company, please watch our 2 Minutes in a Nutshell Video:  House Cleaning Video.

Denver Central Neighborhoods

Our service area includes the Greater Denver Metro Area.  If you live towards the center of the Denver Metro Area, then we have teams in your neighborhood daily.  It’s likely you will have seen our blue Prius cars.  Please phone us; we will be happy to add you to our schedule.

Denver Neighborhoods & Surrounding Towns

For neighborhoods located on the outskirts of the Greater Denver Metro Area, such as Castle Pines, Boulder, Evergreen, Elizabeth, we have teams in your area one or two days per week.  If you are flexible with time of day and day of week, we can add you to our schedule.

Service Days

If you want to know about the service days for your neighborhood, please use the Service Area Index on the right to find your location.

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