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5280 House Cleaning has been cleaning homes in Southwest Denver since 2011, from our West Office.  If you haven’t tried our cleaning service yet, then you’re missing out!  Give us a call, we offer dependable and thorough house cleaning at premium prices.  What!?  Yeah, we actually charge somewhat more than other home cleaning companies, but that’s because we spend considerably more time in clients’ homes, CLEANING, not just dashing through and hitting your card every visit.  If you’re frustrated with your existing home cleaners, there is a simple solution:  give up on the idea of “you pretend to pay them, they pretend to clean.”  Try a new way of thinking:  “I’m so frustrated with poor cleaning . . . what if I actually paid a company to stay and clean and clean and clean, until the job is done?”  Well, chances are, your house is going to be cleaner under the second scenario.  Try it just once . . .  your blood pressure will go down, we’ll bring a smile to your face, life improves.  Yeah, for $100 bucks or so more, you’ll get what you really wanted all along:  Simply a Clean House.  Don’t just take our word for it, check out our house cleaning reviews!

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