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House Cleaning Capitol Hill

When we first moved to Denver in 1999, we started a house cleaning company.  At that time, we lived in Congress Park.  A lot has transpired in the interim (History of 5280 House Cleaning & Owners), and now we live in Capitol Hill 80206, and our company 5280 House Cleaning has been cleaning nice homes in Capitol Hill 80206 since 2011.  If you are client who lives in Capitol Hill, please consider visiting us at our Home / Central Office, located at 1417 Gaylord St (during normal business hours, by appointment).

Hopefully you’ve seen our blue Prius cars in your neighborhood (we presently have about 50 of them).  We are cleaning in Capitol Hill and surrounding neighborhoods Monday through Saturday.  If you’re looking for a dependable, experienced, LOCAL, cleaning service then please try us.  Thank you.


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