Go Around Again

If you haven’t read Go, Dog, Go!, by P.D. Eastman, then you’re really missing out.  If you know it well, then you may be familiar with his other classic, “Have You Seen My Mother?”  So far nothing new for you then, so here you go: did you know that PD Eastman also wrote “Private Snafu,” that is before he became famous for his work as a Disney illustrator for Mr. Magoo.

We had the book when I was a kid, but Go, Dog, Go! was re-introduced to us by Angela D when the kids were small, and what a hit it was!  The kids liked it too.  In the book, there are so many really fantastic lines, like “Do you like my hat?” and “Where are those dogs going? To a dog party! A big dog party!”  For some reason, my favorite has always been, “Go Around Again.”

In 1999, Hanna and Chris, quit a crazy life of international finance and investment banking to start a family in Denver, CO.  We decided to start a house cleaning company (H to blame); it didn’t go too badly.  After 7 years I believe it may have been the largest independent house cleaning company in the US; so of course we sold it.  Then we hit a big speed bump, before starting an internet marketing company.  That did OK, so we sold that too.  We decided to “Go Around Again” . . . that’s how we started 5280 House Cleaning, in November 2011, five years plus a day from when we sold the first house cleaning company.

And then, of course, Hanna decided on her own to once again, Go Around Again . . . but that’s a whole other story, for a whole other website.

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