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House Cleaning Prices

Two Ways to Get Prices

  1. Schedule an In-Home Quote:  Call us or fill out the contact form in the footer to request an appointment.
  2. Get an Estimate by Phone:  Call us, answer a few questions, and we’ll give you an estimate by phone.
Fixed House Cleaning Scope & Fee

If we visit you for an in-home quote, then we normally provide separate quotes for an Initial Clean, Weekly Clean, and 2-Week Clean.  We can give fixed prices in such instances because we discuss and agree on the scope of work, assess the current condition of your home, and forecast the future condition of your home as best we can.

If you have a fixed quote, we’re never going to charge you more than  we’ve quoted, without agreeing to a different price in advance.

When giving fixed quotes, we base quotes on our best price per man-hour for recurring cleaning assignments applied to our estimated time to clean your home.  If you want a fixed price, then call us to arrange an appointment for an in-home quote.

Hourly House Cleaning Fees

If you wish to arrange service by phone without an in-home quote, then we’ll ask you some questions to develop a rough estimate of how long it might take to clean your home, and quote you an estimated fee over the phone, based on an hourly fee of $54 or $62 per person per hour.

Most quotes by phone are hourly.  However, you can agree to a maximum time limit and you can specify some priorities, if you wish to limit your total fee.

Minimum Fees Which Apply to Small First Time & Regular Cleaning

About 1/3 of our day is consumed in travel time, so each cleaning slot has a value to us, and it takes a fixed investment to deliver the cleaning team to your home.  For those reasons, we do have minimum prices for each visit.  For most, 2 bedroom and up, sized houses these minimums are not really a factor, but for any assignment which might be shorter than:  For a recurring assignment: 2 persons for 2 hours; or for a first time assignment 2 persons for 3 hours, then the minimum may be a factor.  Generally, these minimums only really apply to one-bedroom apartments, and any assignment which might be limited in scope (like can you come and clean just my kitchen?).

So, regardless of any other factors, we do have a minimum price per visit of $216 for Regular Cleaning Assignments, and a minimum of $372 for first-time or one-off services, including move-in and move-out cleaning assignments.

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