How To Pay Us

Immediate Payment

Payment is generally required in advance for initial cleaning assignments and immediately following the service for regular cleaning assignments.  We don’t offer payment terms for house cleaning services.

How To Pay For Regular Cleaning

Most customers pay for regular recurring cleaning assignments by credit card.    You may pay for the regular cleaning by check or cash, if you prefer, as long as you don’t forget to leave the payment out for us when we clean.

How To Pay For Initial or One-Off Cleaning

For all one-off cleanings and initial cleanings by the hour, we require a valid Visa or Mastercard number at the time of booking to hold the time slot for you.  At the end of the cleaning, you may pay via credit card or you can give a check or cash to the cleaning crew, if you prefer.  If we have visited your home, and you have a fixed price for your initial cleaning, we do not require a credit card to hold the booking.  You may pay for such initial cleans by check, cash or credit card.

Are Your Credit Card Details Safe With Us?

Worried about giving us your credit card details?  Please learn more about the Mother Teresa in our company who charges the cards by reading our Management Bios.

Timing of Credit Card Charges

Initial cleaning assignments are generally charged in advance, to avoid payment failure. Regular cleaning service is always charged immediately following the completion of service, unless alternative terms have been agreed.

Invoices For Cleaning Services

We don’t normally send customer invoices.  If you require these, we’ll prepare and send them to you upon request, once you’ve paid us.

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