Complaints Matter

Our success depends on your satisfaction.

Call To Complain

Who likes to listen to complaints?  Actually we do!  Feel annoyed about anything we are doing or not doing?  Just call us and tell us about it.  We promise, in every complaint to seek any opportunity to improve.

If you have a complaint, please phone us at 303-615-5280, or use our Feedback Form, to give us a chance to satisfy you.

If we’re on the phone, please leave a message and we’ll call you right back.

Work Order Updates

If you find that we are consistently missing something, then let’s mention it on your work order.  Use our Feedback Form to initiate work order changes, or just call us at 303 615 5280.

Cleaning Professional Reprimands

If your cleaning team makes any type of mistake, then we would like to discuss it with you, so we can then discuss it with the applicable cleaning professional(s) as soon as possible.

We do this directly, so you don’t have to.  We work each day to continuously improve the performance of individual cleaning professionals, and any constructive criticism you may have can be quite helpful in this respect.

If you call in with a complaint, the team does not get a pay penalty for that.  If you write an unflattering public review, the team does get a pay penalty for that.  So choose the method which suits you best.

Rules For House Cleaners

We have very specific rules about behavior and cleaning standards.  Any noncompliance denigrates the quality of our service.  So please take the time to phone us about any performance which you consider to be inconsiderate, unprofessional, impolite or inadequate.  If you’re dissatisfied, then let’s discuss and fix it, so it doesn’t recur.

Your feedback can only make us better, right?  Our cleaning professionals improve, our service improves, you become less stressed, happier, smile more, live longer and so on.

Just call us now at 303-615-5280.  We promise to do our best to make you smile.

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