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Two Minutes “In a Nutshell”

5280 House Cleaning in a Nutshell

Thanks for visiting our website. If you haven’t been satisfied with other cleaning services, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. When you call us, you might find that our quote is a little higher than what you’ve been paying. That reflects the extra time we will spend in cleaning your home. It’s a simple system really: you budget some extra dollars, we budget some extra cleaning time, and together we find you a satisfying and permanent home cleaning solution.

We persistently pay attention to details like cleaning your baseboards, blinds, shower corners, carpet edges, inside your refrigerator. We hand wash kitchen and bathroom floors. As mentioned in our online reviews, we are consistently and dependably thorough.

If you read our Five Star Reviews, you’ll also notice our customers mentioning the quality of our cleaners. They really are the cornerstone of our business. We offer our cleaning professionals not just a job, but a career. We select them carefully, sort them, train them, promote them and empower them. We offer the opportunity to earn a Living Wage and exceptional benefits, including paid maternity leave, 401-K with company contribution, health insurance, paid vacation, and paid sick leave. Our great pay and benefits translate to remarkably low turnover, especially among our Team Leaders and Managers who clean. Of course this is a huge benefit to our regular house cleaning customers, especially those choosing weekly or every two week service, because it means they see the same two cleaners, time after time.

Well, that was it, in a nutshell . . . almost that is, unless you watched the video to the end.

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