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I hope you liked our video which mentions independent client reviews about our Green Cleaning methods and policies.  There are a lot of different aspects to Green Cleaning, so we have several pages of our website dedicated to the topic, including Green Cleaning Philosophy.  Following are a lot of details about green cleaning.

For some clients, it’s a simple matter of making their home clean and healthy, but how to get there with the right mix of products and cleaning methods?

To say a home is clean, does not necessarily mean it’s healthy, but
to say a home is healthy does require it to be perfectly clean.

We consider the health of your family in deciding which products we use, and when & how we use them.  Choose 5280 House Cleaning and your home will not only be remarkably clean, but it will also be cleaned with products which are healthy for your family.

Reduced Dust & Microbes

A lot of dust and microbes can be stirred up in the process of cleaning a home, and that can be harmful to your family and pets.  We mitigate this impact in two ways:  1) we use Hepa Vacuums & Filters; and 2) we use microfiber cleaning cloths.  Application of these 2 best practices in home cleaning result in a healthier home for your family.

Hospital Grade Disinfectant Safe for Home Use

Disinfecting can only be done effectively once a surface is clean, so we clean, then disinfect.  The product we use is included on the CDC’s list of effective disinfectants, updated in 2020.  To know, more, see our Covid-19 page.

Suitably Safe Cleaning Products

The cleaning products we use in the regular cleaning of your home are family-safe, cleaner safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, in accordance with guidelines established by the Green Clean Institute, as they are designated for use in residential homes.

Hepa Vacuums

We use two vacuums in every home, Riccar upright and a professional backpack vacuum.  Both have micron filters, which means the air in your home is cleaner after our visit than before our visit.  These filters are designed to provide high efficiency filtration to capture 99.97% of airborne allergens at 0.3 microns.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These cleaning cloths are very expensive.  We use them for three reasons: 1) they allow us to do more cleaning with less chemicals; 2) they save cleaning time; and 3) they capture grime and dust 2.5x more efficiently than terry cloth cleaning cloths.

[If you find any microfiber cleaning cloths remaining in your home after our visit, please return them, as team leaders are charged for such losses.]


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Training About Green Cleaning & Recycling Systems

Every Cleaning Associate is educated about Denver’s Recycling system.  Our training includes 6 courses and exams, and one of these is dedicated to Green Cleaning.  In this course, we include a module about recycling.  Also, this a point on our quality control checklist.

So, you won’t find us lazily or unknowingly combining the contents of your recycle bins with your trash.

Green Residential Cleaning Products

We use family-safe products from Multi-Clean.  Not only are they verified safe for home cleaning, they are delivered to us in the most environmentally-friendly method.  We receive them directly in bulk concentrate and dilute them by about 30:1, thereby minimizing emissions associated with shipping, as well as landfill waste from packaging.

Our cleaning agents comply with the guidelines of The Green Cleaning Institute.  However, if you still wonder what’s in those spray bottles we bring to your home, just ask.  We’ll show you the MSDS for each product, so you can verify that the contents and PH also comply with your own green cleaning standards.

5280 House Cleaning Foundation = Green Cleaning

Any company can claim to be “Green”, but the real challenge for house cleaning companies is to institutionalize the concepts at all levels of the organization.  We have done so in all respects, by integrating the principles of green cleaning in our managerial decisions, purchasing decisions, our training systems, the (Prius) cars we drive and even the distances we drive them (we have four locations in Denver).

Thank you for your interest in our Green Cleaning!

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