Please Call To Reschedule

Cancel Eight Hours in Advance

If you wish to reschedule, it’s best to call and speak with us directly, so we can fit your make-up cleaning into the schedule.

Please reschedule any assignment a minimum of 8 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.   This also means you can terminate our service at anytime.

Aside from lockouts, our biggest challenge with cancellations is that client messages are sometimes ambiguous about whether the cancellation impacts a single or recurring service.  Please be clear about this when you cancel (after hours by answering machine).

Cancellation and lockout fees, yada, yada, yada.  When’s the last time we charged one?  It’s been awhile . . . however there was that one joker back in 2014 who had a recurring problem.  It’s for him that we developed this policy.  If something bad happens, oh well, no big deal.  As long as you understand how painful lockouts are for us and our cleaning professionals, then I’m sure it won’t become a problem.

Vacation Policy

Planning a month’s vacation?  No problem, just please tell us at least 8 hours in advance, if possible.

Cancel Same Day

If circumstances require that you must cancel the same day (in less than the required 8-hour advance notice), then we may anyway offer to waive the lockout fee, at our discretion (particularly if you have a long track record of being dependable).

Dispatch Is the Key

Balancing the daily schedule is tough to do once dispatch has taken place.  That’s why we ask our valuable clients to please tell us about scheduling changes eight hours in advance (which by definition is prior to dispatch), whenever possible.  Whatever you do, please don’t lock us out (Surprise!).

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