Better House Cleaning Systems

What Makes Our House Cleaning Systems Better?

Client Feedback

5280 House Cleaning depends on performance based pay.  One of the primary performance metrics for our house cleaning professionals is client feedback.

Hiring House Cleaners

No other house cleaning company in Denver has better access to qualified professional house cleaners, than 5280 House Cleaning.  The owners may know more experienced house cleaners in Denver since 1999, than any other owners of house cleaning companies.  We pay better, we get the ones we want.

At 5280 House Cleaning, on average we sort through 17 applications to choose one.

Training House Cleaners

At 5280 House Cleaning, any brand new house cleaners, undergo a rigorous training regime which includes written exams and working elbow to elbow with our Quality Manager and Team Leaders.  Needless to say, new cleaners spend a lot of time on their hands and knees, because that is the toughest part of the job and if they’re not willing to work harder, and be tougher, then it’s just not the right occupation for them.

Out of those who start the training, typically only half make it through to the first promotion.  Those we keep stay with us, because we treat them very nicely, and pay them better.

If you like their work, please treat them nicely and give them a nice review.  With 5280 House Cleaning, it really does impact their pay and promotions.

Paying House Cleaners

We pay more, but it’s not just about how much we pay, it’s about how we pay, and how we promote based on talent, hard work and dependability.

Paying higher than every other major house cleaning company in Denver allows us to continuously sort rigorously according to performance, and we do so based upon statistics and client feedback.

Cleaning Service Quality Control

Our 11 Managers Who Clean are such an important aspect of our cleaning systems.


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