Cleaning Estimate By Phone

Regular Service Clients Pay Fixed Fees!

If you’re in a hurry to book house cleaning today, why not book by phone?  Give us a call, or complete the form on the bottom of this page.  [Long Form (2nd part):  If you complete the statistics about your home, we can email you back a price range estimate.]   If your home is 2,500 SF or more, and you want a final quote in advance of our arrival, then consider getting an in-home quote.  If your home is 5,000 SF or more, then you might prefer to dictate cleaning times and scope for each visit, based on your previous experiences with cleaning professionals.

We give estimates over the phone by estimating approximately how long it will take to clean your home as a range, based on information you provide.  Phone estimates are not final quotes.  For first-time cleans, a primary factor determining the time it takes to clean your place will be the INITIAL CONDITION.  If we give you an estimate as a range for the first visit, then you can imagine for yourself where in our range we might end up, by critically examining your own baseboards, shower corners, carpet edges, blinds, and other such details.  If such details are going to require a lot of extra attention on a first-time clean, then you are likely to find yourself landing with a thud at the expensive end of our estimated range .  If your prior cleaners have been doing a superb job, then you’re more likely to alight pleasantly towards the less expensive end of our estimated range.  Of course all of this relates to the first time clean.  For the recurring clean, we will have recently cleaned such details, so we can surmise the condition, give or take a bit for lifestyle and traffic both of which surmised rather dependably once we’ve completed the first-time clean: so following the Initial visit, you’ll get a fixed price quote for the recurring cleanings.

Don’t Pay Extra For Details Which May Not Be Important to You!

If our range seems expensive, we understand.  Prices generally correlate with thoroughness.  Sometimes clients want to negotiate an estimate over the phone before we arrive, or limit the time we plan to spend, before we have even seen the place.  This makes no sense from our stand-point, because all we really want to do during the first time cleaning is to “WOW” impress you, and we cannot impress you by quitting part way through the job, because you’ve limited our cleaning time.  Of course cleaning all these details does take time, and if such things are not important to you, then there is no good reason you should pay for them.

Finding a cheaper option

So if you believe our estimate is too high, it’s better that you call a cheaper company, than to try to compromise our scope or limit our time.  There are loads of cleaning companies who are much less thorough and amazingly cheaper.  Many will complete the cleaning in half the time and half the cost.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then please continue your search (thanks for visiting our website).  If they satisfy you for a lower price, (sad for us) for you it’s problem solved, congratulations!  Conversely, if you try the faster option, and they disappoint you, then you can always check back with us in a few months, and for sure if you have between now and then tried half a dozen companies, then you will have at that time positioned yourself to truly appreciate our service in a way you could not have otherwise appreciated us.  And, then as before, we will remain so pleased to come clean for you.

Move Out Cleans Charged by the Hour

Want a move-out clean?  We may do more than any other local house cleaning company in Denver.  If your place is centrally located, we can probably add you onto our schedule at short notice, particularly early in the week.

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