Better Pay for Better Service

We’ve been cleaning homes in the Greater Denver Metro Area since 1999 (with a small break of 5 years to comply with a pesky non-compete clause). During those many years, we’ve learned that the cornerstone of growing a house cleaning business is Client Retention. We find a client in need of house cleaning services, make some promises, go clean the house, client smiles, clean again, client smiles again, and so on, repeat, repeat. That’s how we grow.

For 2020, Denver raised its minimum wage to $12.85 per hour. Of course, we are in full compliance with this new standard. In fact, 5280 House Cleaning is the local industry leader in terms of pay. Our premium wage levels represent a living wage for our cleaning service employees. Under the existing competitive employment conditions, our premium wage levels allow us to continue to attract and retain the most highly talented professional cleaners in the industry. Our turnover among experienced cleaners is very low and in our experience, exceptional employee retention is one of the keys to retaining recurring clients.

Having a high hourly pay rate is only part of the picture. Most of our recurring clients are paying a fixed rate per clean, which is calibrated to a targeted hourly rate per cleaner, based on clean times (commencing upon arrival, and ending upon departure). That notwithstanding, our cleaners are generally paid from the time they depart our offices until their return to our office, minus lunch. This means they are being paid for travel time and cleaning time. Most cleaning companies pay their employees, and especially contractors, for only cleaning times. We estimate this difference in calculating hours accounts for a $3 per hour premium for our new employees, and $4 per hour premium for Team Leaders and Managers. Taking this into account, we are not aware of any other (than one) cleaning service in Denver which beats or matches our pay levels.

Of course, all of our cleaners are full time employees (no part-time or contractors). After several months with our company, employees become eligible for Fantastic Employee Benefits. Why not give us a call to see how better pay can translate to better house cleaning service for you?



Archived from March 2020:

Of course we are closed; we hope to open again when officials deem it appropriate.

A Sign of the Times (25 March 2020)

Today all of our house cleaning professionals are home safe with their families, as we hope you are with yours.

Twenty-five of the most amazing things happened last week . . . as clients cancelled in droves, many asked us to charge them anyway.  Some asked that specific extra amounts be charged to their cards and forwarded to their cleaners. Some offered to pay extra, for no earthly benefit to them. All were most concerned about the house cleaning professionals they have come to know and love. For the 27 March pay day, such “tips” amount to over $8,000.  They were allocated as specifically directed, or otherwise shared among our 80 active cleaners. For them, the contributions made a remarkable difference in what was otherwise a bleak pay period. Thank you, from each and every one of our House Cleaning professionals.

Although we are early in this process, Hanna and I are doing our best everyday to ensure that none of our employees miss a paycheck by whatever means we have.  We resolve to continue to treat our employees as we would family. When this has passed, we will all have learned to appreciate “just a normal day.”

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