Microfiber Cloths

We use microfiber cleaning cloths and floor washing pads because they allow us to clean your floors more effectively with less cleaning solution, and that results in a cleaner healthier home for you and your family.

Microfiber Adsorbs versus Terry Cloth Absorbs

Adsorb means to attract and hold to the surface substances, liquids, or gasses.
Absorb means to take-up or draw something into itself through pores or interstices.
Microfibers adsorb liquids, semi-liquids, and dried product incredibly well. This includes both water and oil based products, which makes them ideally suited for removing particles from your floors.

Another unique characteristic attributed to the microscopic size of the fibers in a microfiber cleaning cloth is the ability for these miniature fibers to get into small microscopic surface imperfections and remove dust and particles from microscopic crevices and grout lines in your floor. At the microscopic level, your floors are not completely smooth and flat, but actually resembles a surface made up of miniature hills and valleys, with holes (pores), and interstices (microscopic fissures and scratches). Microfiber cleaning cloths are better at removing particles imbedded into these surface imperfections, dramatically better than the larger fibers found in terry cloth towels.

Another unique feature of premium quality microfiber polishing cloths is the unique triangular shape of the cross-section of each of the fibers. This triangular shaped cross-section enables these fibers to slice into grime and spills, lifting and removing them from the surface (much like a miniature squeegee) as they are wiped across the surface.

The following three characteristics,

1) Miniature size
2) Ability to adsorb
3) Triangular shaped cross-section

enables microfiber cleaning cloths to lift and remove particles and grime better than traditional towels and with dramatically much less pressure and chemicals. So, that’s what why microfibers are essential to green cleaning.

Why Microfiber?

Traps Dirt Easier
Cleans floors better
Attracts 6 times its weight in liquid
Lint Free
Can Color Code to avoid cross Contamination in different departments
Can be washed hundreds of times
Uses Less Chemicals
Environmentally Friendly

How We Use & Maintain Microfiber Cloths

We used to go through a mountain of cleaning cloths per day.  Now that we have three dispatch offices, instead of just one, we go through three mountains of cleaning cloths per day.  This is a result of using copious quantities of microfiber cleaning cloths for each cleaning assignment.  One surface = at least one cleaning cloth.  Of course only freshly cleaned cleaning cloths will enter your home. Aside from using a lot of these, we’ve also radically revised we clean them.

Of course each dispatch office has its own laundromat.  Since March 2020, we have begun washing them, first with bleach/ double hot rinse, then a second time with detergent / double hot rinse, then drying them until they are hot, and drying them for 30 minutes extra, just to really dry heat them.  Nothing can live through this process, and the cleaning cloths don’t come out of the dryer smelling like anything at all (not even bleach).

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