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Why would anyone choose a house cleaning company over an individual?  Well, if your place is not so large, you’ll likely find that a cleaning company can clean it more satisfactorily over time than an individual, because you’ll always be any individual cleaning professional’s Plan B client.  That’s never very fun, I know, because I’ve been there.  My neighbor’s wife recommended her cleaner, which seemed to make a lot of sense, because the cleaner could clean my neighbor’s house, then when she was done, walk right over and clean my house.  Great cleaner, nightmare results, because whether my cleaning professional came or not always depended on my neighbor’s requirements and schedule.  So, if your place is less than 2000 SF, you’re going to be happier with our services than being a Plan B client for any individual cleaner.

If your house is larger than 200o SF, and you are looking for weekly service, then you can likely score the Plan A spot on a great or at least reasonably good, cleaner’s schedule, at least until she finds half a dozen really large clients.  So why would you choose a cleaning company over such an individual?  Well, mostly you just wouldn’t.  Yeah, that’s right, I said, “You wouldn’t . . .”  She arrives when you want her, she tailors her cleaning and schedule to your weekly whims.  She maybe even becomes a friend of the household.

Of course, all of this is assuming you actually have an actual “great” or “reasonably good” cleaner lined up, and if you did, you probably wouldn’t be here reading about our great cleaning company, right?  And that really is the crux of the matter.  We’ve grown to become one of the largest independent house cleaning companies in America by providing what by comparison among cleaning companies is exceptionally good and reasonably tailored cleaning services.  And we haven’t been put out of business yet by great cleaning professionals because there exists since biblical times a dearth of such talent available for discerning home owners.  Finding one can never be anything more than a temporary solution.  Sooner or later you’ll be back on the treadmill of searching for a replacement.  Finally, when you’re tired of all that, call us.  We are a school.  We CREATE them.  That’s why we offer an evergreen solution to your home cleaning requirements.

Upgrade Your House Cleaning Company

If you’re looking for an upgrade in your housecleaning company, then try 5280 House Cleaning.  See what our clients said about us last week:  Over 500 Five Star House Cleaning Reviews.

We’ll clean your home, your way.  Our professional cleaners are motivated to make you smile.  Their pay is linked to feedback they earn from clients.  Let us demonstrate what a difference our systems make in terms of your own satisfaction with our house cleaning work.

Competitive Prices

Our regular weekly and 2-week customers pay fixed price fees which don’t change from visit to visit; such fixed price quotes are based on about $42 or $46 per cleaner per hour. You can get fixed price quotes by having us clean you once, and then getting a quote by phone, or by arranging an in-home quote in advance (applies to recurring services).

Move-outs, New, and Occasional Clients pay an hourly fee (not a fixed price) of $46 per person per hour for non-recurring cleaning services. We have a minimum price of $276.

If you’re ready to upgrade your cleaning service, try us once — you’ll notice the difference. Thank you for your interest in our local Denver house cleaning company!

Deeper, Nicer, Greener, Cleaner

For us, it’s more than just a byline — it’s our competitive advantage!

Try us once, refer us often, choose us for life.

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