5280 HC Management

Managers Who Clean

The Cleaning Professionals are the cornerstone of our business.  Among them, our Team Leaders, and particularly, our Managers Who Clean contribute most significantly to the professionalism of our service.  As of June 2020, we have eleven Managers Who Clean (pure gold).

Customer Service

As of June 2020, we have four Customer Service Managers.  We have invested heavily during 2019 & 2020 to up-size, update & upgrade our Customer Service team & systems; we hope you notice the improvement.


Founded 5280 House Cleaning in November 2011, five years and a day after selling another leading local house cleaning company.  Founded Denver Pay Per Click, Inc in 2007.  The company employs about 20 professionals and focuses on internet marketing.  Founded Ripple Applications in 2005.  Closed it in 2007.  Oops.  Founded Denver Concierge, Inc. in September 1999.  When we sold it 7 years later, in November 2006, that house cleaning company was likely the largest independent house cleaning company in the US.

Prior work experience includes investment officer for AIG; investment banking with Bear Stearns; and CPA with Price Waterhouse.  Prior Work Locations include South Bend, Cairo, Budapest, NYC, Vienna, London & Moscow.

Dartmouth Tuck MBA 1994.  Manchester University, Accounting 1984.


In 2018, opened a competing company, Denver Metro Maids, Inc. to support Breast Cancer Research, and forge her own financial identity.

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