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House Cleaning Reviews By Customer Lobby

When we founded our house cleaning company in November 2011, we relied on a company called Customer Lobby to independently manage our online reviews. While that company has largely been displaced by other mainstream internet companies, for a decade our customers relied on Customer Lobby to tell the world what they thought about our cleaners. For posterity, we have captured those reviews and cataloged them here.

Client Retention Achieved Through Employee Retention

Excellence isn’t contrived overnight. It’s built and earned over time. We still employ many of our cleaners who helped us start the company over a decade ago. Professional house cleaners who have worked for us:

  • One year, each year earn an extra week’s anniversary pay.
  • Five years, each year earn an extra two week’s anniversary pay.
  • Ten years, each year earn an extra three week’s anniversary pay.

Also, our cleaners are rewarded for each five-star review they earn. So the Customer Lobby reviews represent quite a large pile of achievements for them.

These are just a couple of the factors which have contributed to our success in building an experienced group of talented cleaners. Please read what our clients have said about us throughout the ages, from 2011 to 2021.

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