Smarter Pay Methods

Have you tried more than one cleaning service and found problems with quality and consistency?  We are different in many ways, but one of the really big differences is that we depend on smarter pay methods.  “5280 does an awesome job each and every time.”

Don’t Hire a Fly-By Maid Service

Some of our customers understand that our industry-leading pay levels (and benefits) result in higher employee retention, which translates to better house cleaning, the cornerstone for 5280 House Cleaning.  However, there is a more subtle aspect of house cleaners’ pay which is not so widely understood, but is equally important.  It’s not just how much a cleaning company pays its cleaners, but also how they pay. The industry standard, mistakenly, is to pay cleaners a percent of the revenue earned for each cleaning assignment.  This method is widely adopted by many of the franchise companies, as well as most smaller cleaning companies.  It leads to a common observation by new clients:  “Other cleaning services started out doing a good job, then each visit they cleaned less and less.  5280 House Cleaning is truly different!  They clean great the first visit, and they consistently keep my home clean.”   We refer to any cleaning company which pays on a percentage basis as a “Fly-By Maid Service.”

We Pay by the Hour, Not by the Job

Of course, the solution to the problem of Fly-By Maid Service is to pay cleaners hourly as we do (not on a percentage basis), and that is why if you read our online reviews, you’ll see that our clients are pleased with the quality of our initial clean, and equally enamored with the consistency of our service over a long period of time.  We think this is a really important aspect of our exceptional client retention.  So if you are going to compare cleaning companies, be sure to ask, “How do you pay your cleaners, on a percentage basis, or hourly basis?”  If their reply includes the word “percent” then proceed with caution. If you’re ready to upgrade your cleaning service, just call us:  303 615 5280.  Try us once, see the difference.  Thank you.

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