Compliance Matters Even More Than Systems

Employees may not do what you expect,
but they likely do what you inspect.

We have great systems for cleaning houses, but where we really beat the competition is in compliance, which also includes checking our own house cleaners‘ work.

The owners personally manage 5280 House Cleaning, and in terms of better compliance and nicer customer service, that makes all the difference.  Our competitive advantage in customer service becomes obvious when you phone our office.

Full-Time Quality Control Manager

We have a great Quality Control Manager, whom I personally hired over 10 years ago.  In all those years, we’ve worked with a ton of cleaning professionals, and she is certainly among the top 3, and just maybe the absolute best.  She has a degree in education and has worked as a school teacher.  She’s incredibly hard working, and we depend on her each day to check the quality of our house cleaning and train any new house cleaners.  She has remarkable professional integrity.

If you meet Maria, she’s sure to make you smile (and please do).