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We’re fully insured & bonded.  We service the entire Denver Metro Area.

Great House Cleaning Reviews

We have over 250 Five Star Reviews, more than any other Denver house cleaning company.  Yelpers have awarded us “Best House Cleaning Company in Denver.”  Also, Google reviews say we are “Denver’s Best House Cleaning Company.”  Please read our independent house cleaning reviews by Customer Lobby, to see what our customers have said about us over the past week.

Super Thorough House Cleaning

Our house cleaning customers choose us because we are dependable and consistently demonstrate attention to detail.  If you want clean shower corners, doors, baseboards, carpet edges, refrigerator and so on, then we’re the company for you.  Call us now at 303 615 5280 for instant booking, or use the form on this page.

Competitive House Cleaning Prices

Our regular house cleaning customers in Central Denver pay fixed price fees which don’t change from visit to visit; such fixed prices are based on about $36 per cleaner per hour.   You can get fixed price quotes by having us clean you once, and then getting a quote by phone, or by arranging an in-home quote in advance (applies to recurring services).  We have a minimum price of $144 for recurring cleaning assignments, which equates to two persons for two hours.  If you are interested in recurring house cleaning services and want a fixed price for the first visit too, then please consider requesting an in-home quote (it can sometimes result in a discount for the first visit).

If you’re ready to upgrade your regular house cleaning service, try us just once, and we think you’ll agree that first visit represents exceptionally great value.  Try us again, and you’ll find that we are also consistent, and that’s how we win and retain new clients.

Apartment Move-Out Cleanings & Other First-Time Customers

Move-outs, New and Occasional Clients pay an hourly fee (not a fixed price) of $42 per person per hour.  For non-recurring and first time cleaning services, we have a minimum of six manhours or $252.  There are two reasons for having such a minimum:  1) about 1/3 of our day is consumed with drive time, for which we do compensate our cleaning professionals; and 2) new customers consistently under-estimate the time it will require professional house cleaners to clean their home the first time.  Our cleaning is very thorough and requires more time, so we are not going to be your cheapest alternative.

We will not generally agree to limit cleaning times for any assignment, although you may request us to skip an entire level of your home.  We clean to our high standards and stay until it is clean; clients pay according to the time we spend.  If you want us to skip the details like blinds, baseboards, window tracks, carpet edging, high dusting, and so on, then why not just hire one of our competitors?  There are hundreds of house cleaning companies out there, and many actually specialize in skipping such details.

If you are looking for exceptionally thorough and dependable house cleaning, then please phone Hanna today at 303 615 5280 to discuss your house cleaning requirements, and to learn more about what distinguishes 5280 House Cleaning from other Denver House Cleaning Companies.  Thank you for your interest in our company and house cleaning services.

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