Special Offer For Existing House Cleaning Customers

If you’re an existing house cleaning customer in Denver and are currently included on our schedule for regular service (every 2 weeks or more frequently), then you’re eligible to buy a Gift Certificate for a friend (to be used for an initial cleaning), at a 20% discount off our regular fees ($36 per hour), based on the following denominations:

  • $216 Face Value for 6 man-hours costs $173
  • $324 Face Value for 9 man-hours costs $260
  • $432 Face Value for 12 man-hours costs $346

Which Gift Certificate Should I Buy?

An initial clean for a 2500 SF home typically takes a team of 3 cleaning professionals 3 to 4 hours.  If the house has been cleaned professionally within the past 2 weeks, a team of 3 can likely clean it in just a couple of hours.  Of course, if it’s in disarray or hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly for an extended period, it can take much longer.

If you buy a Gift Certificate for a smaller time than may be required to complete the assignment, then for any excess time, we charge the recipient our regular rates discounted by 20%.  Or we can just agree on some priorities, and quit cleaning when the time runs out.

How Do Gift Certificates Work?

Call us at 303-615-5280 to arrange the details, including recipient’s address, denomination, and advance payment.  Once the details are sorted, then the gift certificate can be sent to you or directly to the recipient by mail or by email.

See an example of a Gift Certificate which will basically be used by the recipient as a House Cleaning Coupon.

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