Writing a Public Review

Most customers can write a review for their team in just 5 minutes, or so.

Your public reviews are so valuable to the company.  When a team earns one, we want to make sure they benefit from that directly.  So your team receives a bonus for each relevant positive public review which appears online.  If this is important to you, then once you’ve completed the review, please bring it to our accountant’s attention by telling us the review site and date, as shown on the first section of our Feedback Form.

It’s not necessary to mention your team’s names in your reviews.  We know who they are based on your name and the date of the cleaning assignment.

Instructions By Review Website

Following are detailed instructions explaining how to complete a review; please pick the site which is most convenient for you:

Google Maps (Google +) at maps.google.com

Writing a review here is the most helpful to us.  If you’re logged into Gmail or have a Google Plus account, then this option takes just a minute or two. Click on the link above to go to our Google Places page, or go to maps.google.com.  Search for 5280 House Cleaning and enter your review.

Customer Lobby

This is the easiest way of all–do it from our own website!

Customer Lobby makes it super easy to write a review, especially if you have a Facebook account (but you don’t need one).  Just click on the Customer Lobby Logo at the top right hand corner of this page, and select “Write a Review.”

Should You Risk Trying Yelp?

Writing a review on Yelp is easy, but if you’ve never tried Yelp before, you’ll have to register first and your review is most likely going to be filtered.  As of 23 April 2013, our customers have written us 64 Yelp reviews and 35 of those have been filtered.  Yelp has given us credit for only 18 of 47 Five Star Reviews.  Yelp has a filter to prevent SEO companies from writing fake reviews, but we don’t have an SEO company, and all of our reviews are from actual customers, so we simply don’t agree with Yelp about our filtered reviews.

You can access our filtered Yelp reviews by clicking on the small hyperlink hidden on the bottom of our Yelp page.  Please read our filtered reviews and decide for yourself whether they are legitimate or have been unfairly filtered.  For those loyal customers who have been filtered, we sincerely apologize and encourage you to use a separate system for your reviews.  Of course, if you are an avid Yelper, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Go to Yelp.com and search for 5280housecleaning.com.  If you’re new to Yelp, then complete the signup form and then confirm your email.  Once you do so, your Yelp review will appear online (most likely in the filtered review section).

Denver City Search Review (denver.citysearch.com)

Writing a review on Denver City Search is easy, especially if you already have a Facebook account.

Go to the website, search for 5280 house cleaning, and jot down your review.

Yahoo Local (local.yahoo.com)

Yahoo Local is one of the original review sites and is still widely used and aggregated by consumers and other sites. Search for 5280 House Cleaning and then write a review.

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Writing a review is so easy, even my little sister can do it!