One of the funnest part of running a house cleaning company is managing employees. As a profession, it’s incredibly hard work. It’s a pleasure to hear clients exclaim, “Wow, I can’t believe how hard the cleaners work!” Since 1999, we’ve employed so many expecting and new mothers, and during this time, we’ve done our best to support them throughout the process, by offering them easier work as they approach their due dates, and guaranteeing their return when they are ready. Happily, many return, and even repeat, but what’s so obviously been missing has been our ongoing financial support to new mothers. So, commencing 2020, we have begun offering Paid Maternity Leave. None (bar one) of our house cleaning company competitors does so, as far as we know. In this one more aspect, we continue to remain Denver’s local house cleaning industry leader.

Paid Maternity Leave is another example of providing better benefits to improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention. This translates to better service for you! Call us now to upgrade your cleaning service: 303 615 5280.

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