1. We are REALLY happy with the initial cleaning our home received last week. We left the crew a neat but incredibly filthy place (we both work at our office about 14-17 hours a day, and I think we’ve had a chance to really clean about…twice in the last year?), and came home to clean floors, counters, bathrooms, and our beautiful hand-woven rugs are once again gorgeous. We’re looking forward to having the crew back every other week–can’t believe what a difference it makes in our lives to have a clean home again. Your crew was worth every penny! THANK YOU!

  2. We’re very happy with the quality of services that we receive from 5280 cleaning. The teams provide excellent quality of service

  3. Anna & Sandra were wonderful today, such a beautiful job. Also they were careful and treated our home with respect. Could not be happier!

  4. The cleaning service is awesome 95% of the time. But when I do have concerns, no one cares at all. We have monthly service and I’ve been asking for two years to have a team assigned to our home, rather than different people each time. I was told today that it’s not a priority. Really?? Considering looking elsewhere.

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