Corporate executives are accustomed to enjoying premium benefits, but historically such benefits have not been offered to house cleaners.

While 5280 House Cleaning has always been a leader in providing a competitive level of benefits, such as a company sponsored group health plan and vacation pay, in 2019 the company decided to double down on employee benefits.  Our goal in doing so is to enhance the image of house cleaning as a career. We invest heavily in training house cleaners and we sort them very efficiently with rigorous evaluation systems. Once we have found and developed a great house cleaner, we want to retain him or her forever.  

Offering best in class employee benefits is an important aspect of retaining house cleaning employees.  Benefits include: a company sponsored 401K plan with company match; company sponsored family health insurance plan with company contribution; annual vacation pay (one, two or three weeks, depending on tenure); partially-paid maternity leave for qualifying employees.

As far as we know, none (bar one) of our competitors in Denver come close to matching 5280 House Cleaning’s employee benefits package. Would like you like to see how better benefits translate to better service for you? Give us a call at 303 615 5280.

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We pay more
We offer better benefits
We offer Health Insurance
We have 401K plan
We offer Vacation Pay
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